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Refurbished Mobile Phones

Consumers are increasingly extending the time between purchasing new mobile phones, from an average of 20 months to 29 months. This is largely attributed to rising prices for new devices. However, while consumers may not be willing or able to purchase a brand new phone, they still have the same need for replacement devices – whether that be due to theft, loss or breakage.
That’s why if you offer quality refurbished handsets at a much better price point - giving your customers more bang for their buck - you'll be reaping the benefits. For example, the latest premium models such as the iPhone 14 come with a hefty four-figure price tag; however buying a like-new device from J7e could offer huge savings. 


Apple iPhones



Samsung Galaxy Phones


Why Choose J7e?

At J7e, we prioritise customer service above all else. We know that time is money, which is why we provide daily updates of new stock lines so you can find what you need fast. Additionally, our backup service ensures continuous availability of products so our customers can have peace of mind when dealing with us.

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Software Loading 

Our software loading services are designed to remove the hassle of finding, installing and configuring the applications you need for your industry or business. We provide devices that come pre-loaded with your industry-specific or brand applications, so you don't have to seek them out yourself.


We ensure that goods are prepared according to your instructions - be it with or without literature, marketing material, accessories, SIM cards, batteries, custom labelling/stickers or something else. With us, you can rest assured that your needs for kitting will be met with a reliable, high-quality service.
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