Why Every Little Bit Helps.


Although virtually
of phones are reusable and recyclable,
ONLY 15%
Are actually currently recycled. 
Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment. But when it comes to mobile phones, there are even better ways to help than just recycling them. Buying refurbished mobile phones is one of the most sustainable choices you can make.
Refurbished phones are pre-owned phones that have been cleaned up and repaired, making them like new again. They come in a large selection of models and are available at a fraction of the price of a new phone. Choosing refurbished means keeping valuable materials from entering landfills and conserving energy since resources like metals and plastics don't need to be broken down as they would need to through recycling. In fact, recycling just one million phones takes the equivalent energy of 9,000 barrels of oil!

Switching over to refurbished mobile phones is an easy way for your business to do its part for the planet - so why not make the switch today? According to Patrick Sinclair, Founder and Tech Blogger at All Home Robotics, “Although virtually 100% of phones are reusable and recyclable, only a mere 15% percent is actually currently recycled in the US” – but if more people choose refurbished over recycled, we could make some serious environmental gains.

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