Our Products

Wholesalers Of Electronic Devices.

Our Products

At J7 Enterprise, we wholesale electronic devices worldwide. Providing a wide range of products for all our customers, from the latest, feature-packed, smartphones to basic feature mobile phones. We also carry a variety of tablets and accessories like cases, chargers and USB cables.

Our Brands

Having reliable suppliers is key to achieving and maintaining success as a business owner. J7e is proud to be the leading provider of mobile phones and accessories from all the major manufacturers. Our focus on customer service ensures that you can find what you need fast, and our daily updates of new stock lines enable us to provide a great selection of products.

New Mobile Phones

We understand that when it comes to buying new mobile phones, customers need reliable technology solutions fast. That’s why we continuously update our stock lines so that you can always find what you need quickly and easily.

Premium Refurbished Phones

We offer a comprehensive selection of premium refurbished phones. Our inventory features the latest models and technologies at competitive prices. All purchases come with a one-year warranty, guaranteeing perfect working condition upon delivery.

Graded Mobile Phones

Get the same performance as a new phone at a lower price point with J7e's quality-graded mobile phones. Our suppliers' supply handsets which have passed stringent tests and quality assurance checks, so you can rest assured that you are getting value for money. 


At J7e, we understand how important accessories are for mobile phones. That's why we provide a wide selection of both refurbished and new accessories to meet your customers' needs. From earphones and cables to cases, power banks and wireless headphones, you'll find anything you need to meet the demands of your customers.

Tablets and Laptops

We also offer a range of tablets and laptops to meet your customers' needs. Our selection of products will have something for everyone. All of our tablets and laptops are tested and come with a warranty to guarantee perfect working condition upon delivery.

Electronics and Other Technology

We also provide a wide range of other technology products, such as VR headsets, fitness trackers, gaming consoles and more.

Why Choose J7e?

At J7e, we prioritise customer service above all else. We know that time is money, which is why we provide daily updates of new stock lines so you can find what you need fast. Additionally, our backup service ensures continuous availability of products so our customers can have peace of mind when dealing with us.
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